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Live Music and drink in Belgrade

Weather you are fun of  Classic music, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Gypsy music...  or you want to enjoy in the sounds of  Serbian folk music, Belgrade are offering a really wide range of possibilites. Just tell us in what music you would like to enjoy, do you prefer clubbing or kafana’s, Opera or Philharmonic Orchestra and we will tailor it for you. If you like to have a dinner while enjoying your favorite music, we will book a table for you in the best places in town on our opinion.

If you want to eat where the locals eat, let us know, we will show you the places where we are eating and enjoying. Yours is to tell us your interests, we will send you an offer with our recommendations. Be sure that those places will not be just the most popular tourist place, but the places we often go with our friends and family.

Just e-maill us where and when you want to go - and we will customise this tour exactly how you want it.

Here we are going to introduce you some of the most enjoyable places on our opinion in Belgrade, categorized by type of music.


  • Rok, Pop, House, RnB, Tecno
    Modern urban music

    Clubbing scene in Belgrade is very vivid. You can enjoy all types of music in the bench of clubs and splavs from the very cheap ones to very expencive… Our favorite places for enjoying Rok, Pop, House, RnB, Tecn in Belgrade are: Club Beton, Club Brankow, Club Čorba Kafe, Club Dobrila, Club Gadost, Club Gotic, Club Red Shoes, Club Terassa...

  • Jazz
    Jazz music.

    In Belgrade there are not many jazz clubs in comparison with other European and American cities, but be assured that the quality of the performers of jazz music is at the highest international level and will satisfy top connoisseurs of jazz. Our favorite places for enjoying jazz in Belgrade are:Jazz Garden, Muha Bar, Jazz Club Sinnerman, Jazz Club "Ptica", Jazz Bar Sinatra, Bajloni Bar & Beyond ..

  • Kolarac Music Centre
    Classical jazz and ethno music,

    Kolarac Music Centre is situated in the heart of Belgrade, opposite to Studentski Park. Centre promotes artistic music and music culture in our town. The programs meet the expectations for music lovers and connoisseurs as well as for professional musicians. More than three hundred concerts and events are held in this centre every year. The Grand Hall is the oldest and the most eminent concert hall in Belgrade, used most of all for classical music concerts but also for jazz, ethno, and world music performances. The Music Centre concerts are organized in various cycles like: the Great Music Performers, Rising Stars, Competition Winners, family concerts, and the Kolarac Stage of Chamber Music, Chosen for the Chosen, etc. At least once per week you can enjoy in Kolarac music center in the sounds of the famous Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra or RTS Symphony Orchestra. The last, but not the least important information is that the tickets for those extraordinary music events are at least ten time cheaper then what you should pay in any other capital..

  • National Theatre (Opera) house

    Operas and ballets .

    You don’t need to speak or understand Serbian language if you want to enjoy Opera or Ballet performance in our National Theatre, situated in the very center of the city. You can enjoy the superb performance of the world-known and recognized artist for much lower prices than in any other capital. In Belgrade’s National Theatre you can enjoy the world-famous operas such as Carmen, La Boheme, Rigolleto, Nabucco, Othello, Tosca, … or ballets, such as The Lady of the Camelias, Don Quixote, Queen Margot, etc..

  • Skadarlija – bohemian quarter
    Folk and gypsy style music

    The best places to get introduced in folk and gypsy music are Kafanas in Skadarlija (bohemian quarter). Our favorite places for enjoying live traditional folk and gypsy music and traditional Serbian food are: Šešir moj, Tri šešira, Dva jelena, Ima dana, Dva bela goluba, Mali vrabac, Putujući glumac...

  • Turbo folk
    Floating boats on Sava nad Dunabe

    Turbo folk sound is mix of commercialized version of Serbian folk music with Techno and Europop music flavored with some Middle East sounds. It is very simple music, with fast rhythms. Turbo folk was born in the early nineties in Serbia and it was associated with Milosevic's regime and social, economic and cultural hardship of Serbia. What marks Belgrade as an exceptional clubbing city is its waterways. Several km of the Sava and Danube rivers are home to cafes, restaurants and clubs called splavovi (moored floats). The area of floating boats, offering turbo-folk music, spreads along the New Belgrade promenade of Sava.

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