1 Day Tour - Danube river, Iron Gate, National park Đerdap, Lepenski Vir
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Tour along Danube river, Iron Gate, National park Đerdap, Lepenski Vir

One day trip by Car or Minivan from Belgrade - down the Danube, to the Đerdap gorge and “The Iron Gate”, the largest and longest water breakthrough in Europe and also a natural botanical garden and the biggest European archaeological open-air museum.

We will visiting the magnificent Golubac Fortress built in 14th century, featuring nine impressive towers, you get to the largest penetrating river gorge in Europe. You will be excited to meet the 96,5 km long Danube “Iron Gate” gorge of magnificent beauty with its spectacular Lepenski Vir, Padina and Vlasac Mesolithic Archaeological highlights dating back over 10000 years . We will continue to Kapetan Mišin Breg farm for a lunch consisting of local specialties. Apart from the food we will also enjoy the farm's marvelous vantage point overlooking the Danube. We will also visit Donji Milanovac, small city situated right on a coast of Danube.

The Tours schedule are Flexible. The most important thing is respond to the wishes of tourists.

When The whole season / / What’s Included: Transportation by car/van/bus, Door-to-door pick-up and return to your hotel, B&B... / Visit cultural heritage site / English or Russian speaking tour guide What’s extra - NOT Included in price : Boat tour/cruising, Admission fees for museums (7 Euro per person) / The food & drink you choose to buy; consider that the cost of 2-course meal and drink at a local traditional restaurant is around 15 Eur/person Price per person: 47 - 125 Euro Tour duration: Approx 9 hours // Traffic or bad weather conditions may influence tour duration


Program - Tour along Danube river, Iron Gate, National park Đerdap, Lepenski Vir

  • Golubac
    Fortress built in 14th century

    Golubac fortess guard the entrance to the Iron Gate, where the Danube surges between the sheer rock walls of the Djerdap Gorge. The fortress had a tumultuous history. Prior to its construction it was the site of a Roman settlement. During the Middle Ages, it became the object of many battles, especially between the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary. It changed hands repeatedly, passing between Turks, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Serbs, and Austrians, until 1867, when it was turned over to the Serbian Knez, Mihailo Obrenović III. Now, it is a popular tourist attraction.

  • Lepenski Vir, archaeological site
    the oldest urban settlement in Europe

    The archaeological site of Lepenski Vir is located in the Đerdap Gorge, on the banks of the Danube. Cultural center of prehistoric world was right here in what today is Serbia. The culture of Lepenski Vir is around 8,5 millennia old and it is a cradle of archaeological discoveries that have changed our knowledge about the early Stone Age in Europe.

  • Donji Milanovac
    City that was moved twice

    From its founding, Donji Milanovac was moved twice. Milanovac was founded in the 19th century on its original site on an island on the Danube river. In 1830, due to frequent flooding, Prince Miloš ordered the town be moved to the nearest, right bank. It became the first town in Serbia built by architectural planning. After construction of the "Đerdap I" hydroelectric power station in 1970, the town was moved again to its present location..

  • Kapetan Misin breg
    High above the Danube

    High above the Danube with a glorious view over the town of Donji Milanovac lies one of the most unusual places you’ll ever see. Kapetan Misin breg, named after a local sailor and philanthropist, is a farm, restaurant and art gallery, in grounds full of bizarre sculptures and ancient farming equipment. Here, in an open-sided gazebo, they serve hearty rustic food; stinging nettle soup, goat cheese, corn bread, huge platters of grilled meat with home-grown salad and aggressive chillies…

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