1 Day Tour - Monastery Manasija, Resava Cave and Waterfall Lisine
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Monastery Manasija, Resava Cave and Waterfall Lisine Tour

In this tour you will see the Manasija monastery which is a Serbian Orthodox monastery founded by Despot Stefan Lazarević between 1406 and 1418. The walls around monastery are forming fortress, and the frescoes inside of the monastery are the best Byzantine decoration from 15 century.

Resava Cave is one of the oldest in Serbia whose existence estimate to 80 million years, with the oldest cave ornaments date 45 million years back. Decoration in the form of stalagmites and stalactites are something splendid and for sure will live the mark in your memory.

Waterfall “Lisine” is a monument of Nature, located on the slopes of the Mountain Beljanica. The spring with water course and the waterfall make Geo-morphologic complex of picturesque beauty and providing the unique natural value of Serbia.

The Tours schedule are Flexible. The most important thing is respond to the wishes of tourists.

When The whole season / / What’s Included: Transportation, Door-to-door pick-up and return to your hotel, B&B... / Visit cultural heritage site / English or Russian speaking tour guide What’s extra - NOT Included in price : The food & drink you choose to buy; consider that the cost of 2-course meal and drink at a local traditional restaurant is around 15 Eur/person Price per person: 44 - 120 Euro // For group of 2 person - 120€ per person // For group of 4 person - 65€ per person // For group of 6 person - 44€ per person Tour duration: Approx 9 hours // Traffic or bad weather conditions may influence tour duration


Program - Monastery Manasija, Resava Cave and Waterfall Lisine Tour

  • Monastery Manasija
    Built between 1406 and 1418

    The monastery of Manasija is the foundation of the Despot Stefan Lazarević, built in early 15th century to serve as his mausoleum. The church is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. It is one of the most significant monuments of medieval Serbian culture and it belongs to the "Morava school". The monastery is surrounded by massive walls and towers. Immediately following its foundation, the monastery became the cultural centre of the Serbian Despotate.

  • Resava Cave
    80 million years old

    The Resavska Cave is very rich in cave ornaments, various shapes and colors of exceptional beauty. The average temperature is 7 degrees Celsius, and the humidity varies between 80 and 100 %. The cave consists of three floors of passages and halls connected by artificial tunnels and decorated by pillars and coral-like calcite deposits in various colors. The length of the cave totals to 2,850 meters and the tourist paths is 800 m long.

  • Waterfall Lisine
    natural monument

    After Resava Cave we will visit the Lisine alsno known as Veliki Buk . The waterfall is located on right tributary river Vrelo of the Resava river, near Resava Cave on 380 meters above sea level. At the bottom of the waterfall is formed small depth lake surrounded by travertine blocks. Together with the source of the river Vrelo, is under state protection as a natural monument "Waterfall Lisine" and as the object of the geological heritage of Serbia..

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