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Royal town Topola and Oplenac Tour

A day-long trip from Belgrade to Royal town Topola and Oplenac and story about royal family Karađorđević, whose history began here…. The town of Topola is situated on the slopes of hill called Oplenac in the heart of the Serbia, called “Shumadia”, meaning the forest. Our tour will start in the foothill of the Oplenac, from which top we will visit the Church of St. George, the mausoleum of the Karadzordzevich family. On our way down to complex situated in the Topola part, we will enter the house of the king Peter the 1st Karadzordzevich, today the museum. The story will continue in the complex of Topola, in front of the monument erected to glory of the beginner of this dynasty- Karadzordze Petrovich, and then we will enter the church of Holy Mother, and Home of Karadzordze Petrovich, both erected by the command of Karadzordze himself. Today these two buildings are saving a lot of history, connected mostly to the 1st Serbian Uprising, and start of getting Serbia free from Ottoman Empire.

The Tours schedule are Flexible. The most important thing is respond to the wishes of tourists.

When The whole season / / What’s Included: Transportation, Door-to-door pick-up and return to your hotel, B&B... / Visit cultural heritage site / English or Russian speaking tour guide What’s extra - NOT Included in price : The food & drink you choose to buy; consider that the cost of 2-course meal and drink at a local traditional restaurant is around 15 Eur/person Price per person: 40 - 100 Euro // For group of 2 person - 100€ per person // For group of 4 person - 60€ per person // For group of 6 person - 40€ per person Tour duration: Approx 8 hours // Traffic or bad weather conditions may influence tour duration


Program Royal town Topola and Oplenac Tour

  • Topola)
    Topola, Serbia’s Royal Heart and Soul

    In the midst of the hills south, some 70km south of Belgrade, lies Topola, However, once it was the residence of Karađorđe, founder of a Serbia royal dynasty. Topola was the place where Karađorđe, a Serbian revolutionary, was chosen as the leader of the First Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman Empire in 1804.

  • St. George Church
    Church was founded by King Peter I of Yugoslavia

    St George's Church also known as Oplenac, is the mausoleum of the Serbian and Yugoslav royal house of Karađorđević located on top of the Oplenac Hill in the town of Topola. The church was founded by King Peter I of Yugoslavia. It was made from weapons seized by Serbian soldiers during the battles round the Thessaloniki front in World War One.

  • Mausoleum
    Tomb of Kings of Serbia

    In the mausoleum lie the graves of six generations of the Karadjordjevic royal family. In the church of St George, above the family tomb, are Karađorđe himself and King Peter I, the two pillars of Serbia’s statehood. Besides them, 29 other family members including five rulers are buried in lower section, lavishly decorated with mosaics, stones from Carrera, Crete and Venčac - with an ornate chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

  • Orasac
    place where Karadjordje was chosen as leader

    Orasac is the place where, in Maricevica Gully in 1804, Karadjordje was chosen leader of the First Serbian Insurrection against the Ottoman rule.

  • King Peter I wineyards
    The King's Winery

    The royal vineyards today consists of 10 hectares, which is only a third of the area planted when the King was alive. Besides producing high-quality wine, which can be bought only in selected shops, today it is a museum of enology. Visitors can try white sauvignon, red sauvignon and chardonnay and pinot from the King’s vineyards. In the basements underground are chambers with large empty barrels that once held the King's wines. The archive contains numerous wine bottles, some of which are almost 100 years old and have never been tasted.

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