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Tour - Ethno Villages in Serbia

Experience famous Serbian hospitality, taste a deliciousness of traditional Serbian cuisine, learn an old craft and explore then beautiful nature. .

You can find all these things in places called ethno villages. Serbia has a lot of them. There are few charming and wonderful places, we recommend you to visit.

If you are interesting about Ethno Villages in Serbia, contact us by e-mail , and tell us your preferences. We will shortly get back to you with a personalized program.


Drvengrad or Kustendorf

  • Drvengrad, also known as Küstendorf
    The Timber Town on hilltop

    The Drvengrad or 'wood town' is a traditional village that the Serbian film director Emir Kusturica built for his film Life Is a Miracle. Quirky, colourful flourishes give Drvengrad a fantastical feel: the Stanley Kubrick cinema shows Kusturica's films, the restaurant has an aptly unusual menu, and whimsical cars and curious cats peek around every corner of twisty-turny streets named after everyone from Bruce Lee to Maradona.

    For those who like we ca arange activities like, horse riding, cycling, fishing, canoeing, or traveling with Šargan Eight, famous old-fashioned narrow-gauge railway.

    We can organise one day or multiple days tour for small grups. Aproximate price per person is 125 Euro / day

  • Salaši in Vojvodina

  • Salas
    Traditional Serbian Slow Food

    For travelers seeking an experience away from the city lights, Vojvodina’s many salaš destinations offer a unique escape and entirely different world, the one from times long gone. Home made wine, traditional dishes, “tamburitza music” in an easy-going rhythm, with rich cultural and familial heritage... Simply put, a salaš is a working farm that provides lodging, activities, and giant portions of home-cooked Serbian specialties.

    Those who like to be active can explore beautiful landscapes while cycling, hiking, horse-riding … Those who like sight-seeing can visit local vlige churches, castles, museums or galleries.. There are also a number of interesting festivals organised over the year.

    We can organise one day or multiple days tour for small grups. Aproximate price per person is 125 Euro / day

  • Selo in Šumadija

  • Terzica Avlija
    Serbian village

    Zlakusa is picturesque tiny village in West Serbia that used to be important station of Turkish caravans in the past. The village of Zlakusa, known for a number of potters became widely popular for the uniquely colorful traditional settlement of Ethno Park “Terzica avlija” that provides variety of rare delights and unique surprises for its visitors : fresh air in the heart of pure nature, preserved customs, respect for cultural heritage, hand-works and old crafts workshops, especially well-developed earthenware performed by more than 30 devoted local ceramics manufacturers (potters), dewy woods intersected with clearings full of mushrooms, fragrant meadows rich in wild-strawberries and medicinal herbs surrounded by fruitful raspberry orchards and numerous beehives, premium organic fresh vegetables, unlimited outdoor activities in uniquely beautiful natural ambiance.

    We can organise one day or multiple days tour for small grups. Aproximate price per person is 125 Euro / day

  • Sunčana reka

  • Ethno village
    Relaxing oasis

    On the right bank of the Drina river, right between the Gučevo mountain in Serbia and the Majevica mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Banja Koviljača spa is an utterly unique ethno village. Sunčana reka (translates as Sunny River) is a one-of-a-kind oasis designed for all those who want to rest, relax and enjoy the greenest landscapes.

    Available activities: hiking, riding, canoeing, boat rides, cycling, paragliding, climbing and exploring of mountains, caves, canyons, gorges... Activities range from light category to heavy (strenuous) category. All our activities combine physical activities, sightseeing of historical and cultural monuments and contact with natural surroundings.

    We can organise one day or multiple days tour for small grups. Aproximate price per person is 125 Euro / day

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