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Explore your Serbian family roots & Your Guide to Researching Serbian Ancestors

Would you like to know where you come from or  find and explore your family roots?  Millions of people with Serbian origins live all over the world. If your family has Serbian origin  and you wish to find out more about your roots and trace the family history, we are here to help you.

We are based in Belgrade and we  will gladly provide genealogy services and arrange your visit to the homeland of your ancestors. if you have some good starting information or data, the chances for us to be very successful are really high.  All we need is a name, surname, place and date of birth of an individual, all other information we will gather by ourselves in different  archives.

If you are interested in exploring your Serbian family roots,  or have  any questions,  please feel free to contact us by email …vlado@domovina.com

Our Service :

We provide a comprehensive genealogical research services in Serbia and countries where Serbs live and used to live like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia , Monte Negro, Macedonia, Hungary and Romania. We can help  research Your Family Roots and Serbian Heritage :

•    Research in State and church archives, registration offices or other repositories or parishes…
•    Copying the records on behalf of our clients
•    Translation and  transcription, of documents, letters, records, etc.
•    Help in search for living relatives and organizing family reunions
•    Help to create or complete your family tree
•    Localise graves of the ancestors
•    Photographing or video the villages and cemeteries

For more genuine experience of your family roots, we can organize “ Family history trip to Serbia ” including visits to towns and villages of your ancestors.  

Please contact us and tell us what kind of information you would like to find. The more relevant details you can provide (such as names, dates & places of birth, marriage certificates, religion), the better the chances of a successful research. However, even if you do not have much information or know little about your ancestors, it is always worth to give it a try. Every story is different and we work on each case individually.


How we work

We have a team of experienced and dedicated genealogy researchers.  We use a flexible system that allows your research plan to be adjusted to any changing situation. At all times, the client has control over the project direction and expenses. Key to our success and yours is having our clients actively engaged in the research project.

We usually start with “Basic research package”. That  Preliminary Research of available records  about your ancestry  includes a 4 hour research in an archive (Church and Governmental), a report that includes all the information that were found and also a suggestion how to continue. The cost for Basic research package is  one-time fee of  200 Euro and €  0,4 Euro per kilometer if travel is necessary to complete the task.

After  “Basic research package” and preliminary findings,  client decides if he/she wants to continue the project with “Extended Research package”.  That  mean - we prepare a research action plan that outlines  the tasks  we would take during the whole project divided into stages. We usually work in 10-hour stages. After each stage client decides if he/she wants to continue the project if satisfied with the results and if there are still resources available …

The cost for “Extended Research package” is  30 Euro per hour. We charge  0,4 Euro per kilometer if travel is necessary to complete the task.  Other costs may include: copies of records in state and church archives), fees paid in some archives… We always list all costs involved in a project together with a plan for each project stage and we  present the client with an updated report after each stage. If the client is satisfied and wishes to continue, we then prepare the plan for the next stage….


Costs  or how much do we charge for ours services

Basic research package : 200 € + travel expenses from Belgrade if necessary
Extended Research package : 300 €  for 10-hour stages  + travel expenses from Belgrade 

Research in archives: 30 € / hour
Travel expenses: 0,4 € / km
Artistic representation of a family tree (optional): 250 €
Guided family history trip to Serbia / trip to the hometown of your family member : upon request

We require a 100 Euro down payment to get started with “Basic research package” and you can expect to be completed in 2 to 6 weeks. Upon completion of this Preliminary Research, we will email you the research results.

We’re often asked how far back we can trace a family roots and how much it will cost. The simple answer is that until we have a little information from you, we don’t know. Results in genealogical research are not something you can plan or predict with 100 % accuracy. It might happen that we find anything you want within some days with low expenses, and in some extreme cases (registry books burnt, stolen) we will have to work very hard with high expenses to find any useful information for you.


Why hire a professional genealogist for archival research in Serbia or former Yugoslavia

There are many different archives in Serbia and former Yugoslavia that keep genealogical information that is not accessible online. To search these archives, one must not only be fluent in regional language but should also have some historical understanding as well as a good knowledge of how each of the archives operates, what type of genealogical information it holds, and where to look for genealogical data.

Who we are

Our team has extensive experience in genealogy research.  Mr. Aleksandar Stojanovic and Mr. Milan Kovacevic are history professors who work and live in Belgrade. Ana Jelic is painter, sculptor, and designer. She can turn your family history into art...

Our Mission is to provide a research service to those people who like to explore family roots and increase knowledge of family history. We hope you'll find our services and this website useful to you in your research and look forward to working on your behalf..

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email : vlado@domovina.com