Slow Travel Vacation in Europe
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Slow Travel Vacation in Europe

Want to experience the real Europe and live like a locals one week or more in Belgrade, Wiena, Budampest, Ljubljana... Try Slow Travel concept.

Slow travel is the opportunity to become part of local life and to connect to a place and its people.

  1. Spend one week in one place:  Spend at least one week in one place on your trip to Europe. Stay in vacation rentals instead of hotels and have your own home in a foreign country. The vacation rental apartment s  is exclusive for you and nobody else. All vacation rental apartments are located in prime central locations in neighborhoods rich in sights, galleries and museums as well as greenery, shopping, entertainment, and the best bars and restaurants the city has to offer.
  2. Become part of local life: Live like a local,  shop at the local stores, go to the local cafe and bakery every morning, take the time to see the things that are near you. Learn more about how people live…
  3. Connecting with people:   Without  communication, links, and confrontation the travel experience is boring and sterile. We believe connecting with locals and people in general is so important because it’s what make travel memorable. Those are the moments and experiences we keep talking about for years and years because they left a mark on us  …
  4. Get to know local culture. Slow travel  is best way to experience different cultures and different lifestyles.


If you are interested in more information about Slow Travel Vacation, just e-maill us to with as much or as little detail as you know ... (travel dates, trip length & Your interests ..) We will then contact you to discuss and design your Custom Slow Travel Vacation in Europe !

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Explore different Central & Eastern Europe cities. Here is list of my frends who can help you with vacation rentals and Slow Travel Tours across Europe,

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