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Rent Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot and have Mobile Internet in Belgrade Serbia

Renting the WI-FI Mobile Hotspot in Belgrade, Serbia is easy as 1, 2 ,3, 4 ! Simply email us to order and enter your trip details and we make sure you get your device when your plane land on Belgrade airport or when you come to Belgrade hotel.

Order Wi-Fi Mobil Hotspot

If you like to rent Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot e-mail us the dates you wish to have it throughout your stay in Belgrade or Serbia.


We deliver Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot to your hotel, airport or requested location on your arrival.

Connect to Internet

Turn on the Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot and you’ll be connected in a few seconds! Just connect your PC, smartphone, tablet. to Wi-Fi network


Like delivery, you can return the he Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot after the rental period at your hotel, airport or agreed location... .

Price to rent Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot

How much is the rental fee ? It deepens how long you want to rent Wi-Fi Hotspot. (Prices include VAT).
How can I pay ? Cash on Delivery or PayPal
How much device delivery to your hotel cost ? Delivery fees is 10 Euro.

* !!! * There are no Delivery fees if you want to book our private Belgrade airport transfer which costs 20 EUR. (Pickup at the airport and direct transfer service to your hotel )
* !!! * Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot is free of charge when renting our apartments located in Belgrade city center for 3 days or more ( Vacation rentals - Apartments for tourist )

If you like to rent or have any questions e-mail to : // // or message to phonetel Tel: +381 65 44 88 123

1 - 2 days 4 - 5 days 7 - 8 days 12 - 20 days more than 30 days
15 Euro/day 13 Euro/day 10 Euro/day 7 Euro/day 5 Euro/day

A deposit of 100 Euro shall be paid at the time of delivery as security which gives us permission to charge you in case if you break or lose the device.

Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot Devices - Huawei E5220

Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot is a wireless portable router device that connects any Wi-Fi enabled device (smartphones, tablets, PCs) to fast 3G internet without any cable, installement or software requirements. It generates a private and secured Wi-Fi network around you and allow you to connect up to 10 devices (computers, smart phones, tablets ..) Perfect for having and sharing internet with your friends and family... It is tiny devices that fits in your pocket....

By using a Wi-Fi Mobil Hotspot you will avoid expensive data roaming charges and you won’t have seek free Wi-Fi every time you need an internet connection. Serbia is not part of EU countries - so new rules on roaming and Internet charges does not apply here... Many mobile phone users suffer so-called “bill shock” from using internet while holidaying in Serbia. Check your carrier's roaming data transfer rates !

High speed internet anywhere in Belgrade and Serbia

Huawei E5220

1) 2 GB of data per day during your rental period
2) Wi-Fi Connection Number: Up to 10 simultaneous users/devices
3) Dimensions: Width 71.0 mm // Height 67.5 mm
4) Weight - less than 30 gr.
5) Operation System: Windows .., Mac OS X ..
6) Wi-Fi Protocol: 802.11b/g/n
7) Battery: up to 4 hours // Maximum standby time: 23 hours while Wi-Fi is often on

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