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Belgrade City Break - 7 days in Belgrade and Serbia

Belgrade may not be on the top of everyone’s to-do list, but in actual fact this is a Vibrant Cosmopolitan City that never sleeps, city filled with restaurants, bars and galleries, city with rich history. There are plenty of activities in Belgrade that are great for keeping you busy! It is staggeringly good value for money, too, particularly when it comes to food and drink. Beer costs around 2 euro or even cheaper in some bars, while a three-course meal can be yours from only 10 euro.

We offer a flexible choice for Short City Break holidays in Belgrade, Serbia. Our concept is “Live like local and Enjoy a city like a local” which is somewhat surprising or less conventional ways of spending your time while in Belgrade and Serbia. Our offer include: private transfer from and to Belgrade airport, accommodation, and private tours. The Tours selection, schedule and routes are Flexible. The most important thing is that you will Enjoy your holiday in Belgrade... Just tell us in what you woul like to see, which music, food, drink you would like to enjoy, and we will do the rest ...


Option 1 (Acomodation + Private tours + Private transfer from and to Belgrade Airport)

This package include: Accommodation for 6 Nights for 2 People + 3 Tours of your choice in Belgrade for 2 People + A day-long Tour from Belgrade to Novi Sad + Full day wine tour to Sumadija + Private Transfer from and to Belgrade Airport for 2 People. Price for "Option 1" is 680 Euro ( * NOTE * The price does not include: Flights to and from Belgrade Serbia, Personal expenses, Food and drinks )

Option 2 - Tell us what you want and we will customize City Break for you!

Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do..... let us know by emailing to:
If you want just Accommodation for 6 Nights for 2 People + Private Transfer from and to Belgrade Airport for 2 People - Price is 340 Euro


With "Option 1" we offer 3 standrard private tours: Belgrade Walking Tour, Belgrade Rivers Tour, Explore Zemun Tour and One day tours to Novi Sad... We can provide different tours if you like something else like: Art, Music or Discovery & History & Archaeology & Heritage & Biking ... (See list of Tours in Belgrade and excursions in Serbia )

1. Belgrade Walking Tour - One of the best ways to see our city is on foot with born-and-raised Belgradians, through the past and the present… Belgrade is full of surprises and hidden treasures. Explore Prince Duke Mihailo’s street, the favorite city promenade with on Republic square, Skadarlija the bohemian heart of Belgrade, Kalemegdan.

  • Knez Mihailova street - favorite city promenade and the main pedestrian zone in Belgrade.
  • Skadarlija is bohemian quarter with restaurants, art galleries and street performance
  • Terazije is central and one of the most famous squares in Belgrade
  • Second part of Belgrade Walking Tour is exploring Kalemegdan, old citadel and park with historical monuments. Kalemegdan park is very popular among Belgraders because of the park's numerous winding walking paths, shaded benches, picturesque fountains, statues, historical architecture and scenic river view.

  • Kalemegdan - Walls of Belgrade Fortress, panoramic view from the river
  • Ružica is a Serbian Orthodox church located in the Kalemegdan Fortress
  • King Gate, the entry to the Kalemegdan fortress and statue 'Victor'
  • 2. Belgrade Rivers Tour - Belgrade is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. River cruise was created for those who would like to enjoy the beautiful view of the banks of the Danube and Sava by daylight and see Belgrade from a different perspective. The cruise lasts 1 hour 30 minutes.

  • Boarding near Kalemegdan.
  • Belgrade old city
  • Splavovi on Dunabe and Sava river
  • 3. Explore Zemun Tour - Zemun is very different from all other parts of Belgrade and is located alongside the right bank of the Danube. The most famous hill in Zemun is, Gardoš, used to be a fisherman part of town and even today there can be seen some nets, and equipment along its steep cobbled streets, and colorful ground houses. Gardoš can be compared to Monmartre, with the Millenium tower on the top of this hill, and kafanas as a main symbol of night life for this part of the city...

  • Fisherman part of Zemun with Gardos hill.
  • Gardos hill and Millenium tower
  • Typical street in old Zemun
  • 4. A day-long trip from Belgrade to Novi Sad - It is one hour drive from Belgrade to Novi Sad, Serbia's second-largest city and Capital of the Vojvodina region. The town has a long and an exciting history since it was under the rule of Celts, Romans, Franks, Barbarians and Turks, Habsburg empire… until the town finally became part of ex-Yugoslavia and Serbia. We will also visit the “Gibraltar of the Danube”, the Petrovaradin fortress from where you will have magic view of the whole city.

  • Novi Sad, Liberty Square.
  • Petrovaradin Fortress, Gibraltar on the Danube
  • Typical street in old Novi Sad
  • 5. Wine tour to Sumadija - A day long trip from Belgrade to Royal town Topola and Oplenac and story about royal family Karađorđević and Serbia’s famous wine region. Taste regional varietals at two different wineries in Šumadija. (Wine tastings at 2 wineries is included in price)

  • The first we will visit Radovanovic winery.
  • The second winery in our route is Despotika
  • Mausoleum of royal house of Karađorđevic

    You will be accommodate in one of ours vacation rental apartments. The apartment is exclusive for you and nobody else. All our apartments are located in prime central locations in neighborhoods rich in sights, galleries and museums as well as greenery, shopping, entertainment, and the best bars and restaurants the city has to offer. They have been carefully chosen to meet the specific needs of people who like to feel comfortable as if in their own home. All apartments are well equipped with: High-speed wireless internet, TV with international program, local mobile telephone. Linens, towels and housekeeping service is also provided. ...

  • Private transfer from Belgrade Airport

    Private transfer from Belgrade Airport to city and back - means that a profesional English speaking Driver will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign with your name, then he will help you with your bags to the vehicle and then drive you to the Belgrade city center in your accommodation

    Your Host in Serbia and Belgrade

    A team of professionals waiting for you. We like to combine twenty years of experience in travel with our passion for connecting people, cultures, food, and stories through educational journeys in Belgrade and Serbia. Marica and Milan are guides. Tamara and Filip are responsible for younger generation and adventure activities. Vlado and Svetlana are responsible for 50+ generation who love good food, wine and music. Mileta and his wife Veta are wine enthusiasts, responsible for wine tours

    Our Mission and Vision :
    1) Present Belgrade and Serbia in best lite and get new friends
    2) Do something fun, nice, interesting, creative and get rid of stress.
    3) Spreading Good Vibrations...

  • Milan, Marica, Tamara and Filip - responsible for younger generation
  • Svetlana and Vlado - responsible for 50+ generation
  • Violeta and Misko - responsible for all generation that love wine tours
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