Viminacium and Smederevo fortress
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Tour to Smederevo and Viminacium

In this tour you will be able to hear about Smederevo, the city of last Serbian capital before falling down in Ottoman hands in 1459, when Serbian state stop existing for 4 and a half centuries, and about Viminacium, The Celts settlement and Roman city and legionary fort. In Smederevo, we will enter the fortress situated on the river bank of the Danube, and hear the story of the glory of the middle age Serbia, all followed with the magnificent view on the river Danube. In Viminacium, we will see the diggings of the old Roman city and legionary fort, with antique frescoes from the IV century.

The Tours schedule are Flexible. The most important thing is respond to the wishes of tourists.

When The whole season / / What’s Included: Transportation, Door-to-door pick-up and return to your hotel, B&B... / Visit cultural heritage site / English or Russian speaking tour guide What’s extra - NOT Included in price : Admission fees for museums (7 Euro per person) / The food & drink you choose to buy; consider that the cost of 2-course meal and drink at a local traditional restaurant is around 15 Eur/person Price per person: 40 - 100 Euro // For group of 2 person - 100€ per person // For group of 4 person - 60€ per person // For group of 6 person - 40€ per person Tour duration: Approx 8 hours // Traffic or bad weather conditions may influence tour duration


Program - Smederevo and Smederevo Tour

  • Smederevo Fortress
    Old Serbian capital on the Danube

    Smederevo Fortress is located on the plain where river Jezava flows into the Danube. The Fortress was built to be the capital of the state and the fortified court of despot Djuradj Brankovic, and to take the place of Belgrade that after the death of despot Stefan in 1427 went back under Hungarian rule. It took great efforts to build it and represents the last great achievement of Serbian military architecture. For years, Smederevo Fortress stood as the last defense against Ottoman assaults. When it fell in 1459, it became the center of a Turkish sanjak. Later, Smederevo was a province of the Habsburg Monarchy, and between 1805 and 1807 it was once again the center of the renewed Serbian state.

  • Viminacium
    Roman city and legionary fort

    Viminacium was a major city (provincial capital) and military camp of the Roman province of Moesia (today's Serbia), and the capital of Moesia Superior. The city dates back to the 1st century AD, and at its peak it is believed to have had 40,000 inhabitants, making it one of the biggest cities of that time. It lies on the Roman road Via Militaris. Viminacium was devastated by Huns in the 5th century, but was later rebuilt by Justinian. It was completely destroyed with the arrival of Slavs in the 6th century. Today, the archaeological site occupies a total of 450 hectares (1,100 acres), and contains remains of temples, streets, squares, amphitheatres, palaces, hippodromes and Roman baths.

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