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Tips - Parking in Belgrade city center

Parking in Belgrade downtown might be a bit of a challenge like in all big cities . There are two solutions. First is the parking in public garage and the second option is parking car on the street.

The best solution if you are staying for a longer period in downtown area is the public garage. It will cost you around 20 Euros per 24 hours. (Actually they charge parking per hour and you will pay 75 dinars for the first hour and 90 dinars for every subsequent one). When entering garage you will get a ticket with time stamp and when leaving garage you will pay with cash using the same ticket.

More about parking services in Belgrade and public garages in the city center - look in Garages and Car Parks


Parking on the street

The Belgrade city center is divided into three different parking zones. (Red, Yellow and Green zone) Limited staying time apply for this areas. After reaching the maximum parking time you have to leave the parking space.

Red zone: maximum parking time 60 minutes
Yellow zone: maximum parking time 120 minutes
Green zone: maximum parking time 180 minutes

For these “zone areas” you must pay parking space between 07.00 and 21.00 from Monday to Friday. After that (21 PM – 7 AM) parking is free. On Saturday you have to pay between 07.00 and 14.00.

Every zone is visibly marked. (See picture)

In the red zone the tariff is 56 dinars per hour, in the yellow zone 48 dinars and in the green zone 41 dinars.

There are two ways to pay for parking space;

Buy a parking ticket at a kiosk (almost on every street corner). You must fill in the details and leave the ticket displayed in the windshield.

Pay with your mobile phone. (You must have local mobile operator number)  Just look in which zone you are, and send an SMS. The parking fee will be added to your telephone bill, or deducted from you prepay card.

Text your car's license plate number without spaces (for example: BG98AB42) to 9111 (zone 1), 9112 (zone 2) or 9113 (zone 3). One SMS message you send is valid for one hour. After a few seconds you get an SMS which confirms your payment.  For extending parking in yellow or green zones just send another SMS for the next hour. Five minutes before the end of your parking time you get a reminder by SMS.

After the time is up, you'll have to re-park or risk paying a fine.  There are many parking officers, they check cars with their small portable computer, and the chance that they catch you if you do not pay is high. The fine will be around 1.800 dinar (16 euro).  If you intend to park your car on street for 24 hours getting this “fine ticket” it is not so bad. The fine is valid for 24 hours. That means that you can use this parking spot for 24 hours without additional paying …  

If you park your car on the place where parking is not allowed and have bad luck, your car will be towed away to one of 4 designated lots in the city. (Staro sajmište - New Belgrade side of the old Tram Bridge, Public parking at Slavija square, Vidin Gate - eastern edge of the Kalemegdan Fortress, and Public parking at Ada Ciganlija)  Besides from the fine and tow costs (around 100 Euro) you can be sure it takes you a couple of hours to find your car and get it back.  

How to solve parking problem if you stay longer in Belgrade?

If you live longer in Belgrade downtown and you have car register on your name - then you can apply for a residence parking permit. That will cost you 457 dinars monthly (less than 5 euro).

Parking in private garages

There are a lot of unused private parking spaces all around Belgrade. In time when everybody has a smartphone, there's a new possibility - parking share. Lako Parkiraj is an online service that connects owners of parking spaces with those who need to park. (like AirBnb for parking). You can download Lako Parkiraj app to your smartphone, enter where, when and how long you plan to park your car, while payment can be made with a payment card (you can buy prepaid credit or you can make single transaction for parking). More about parking in private garages - look in Lako parkiraj

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