Where to stay in Belgrade? Tourist Guide
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Where to stay in Belgrade ? Tourist Guide

You are about to travel to Belgrade, Serbia but you don't know which neighborhoods suits you ? Where is the best place to stay in Belgrade as a tourist? What is best options for Belgrade Accommodation and how much does it cost ?

Best place to stay in Belgrade is Old Town around Republic Square

All things considered, Belgrade Old Town (in Serbian language "Stari Grad" ) and Republic Square area is the best place in the city to be based if you are tourist. You’ll be within walking distance of hundreds of restaurants, shop and bars. Belgrade Old Town is also within walking distance of the city’s main sightseeing areas. Look Belgrade on Google Maps and tray to locate where (Trg republike) Republic Square is. This is the central town squares, located in the Belgrade Old Town...

First picture show where Belgrade Old Town is located. Second picture shows - area around Republic Square where I recommend to find accommodation if you coming to Belgrade as a tourist.

If you need help regarding where to stay in Belgrade e-mail me It will be my pleasure to assist you


  • Belgrade - Old Town
  • Belgrade central point - Republic Square in Old Town

Walk and Explore Belgrade

If you located in Belgrade Old town around Republic Square it is easy to walk to all major tourist sights, starting with the pedestrian zone Knez Mihailova, Kalemegdan fortress, Skadarlija bohemian zone, Sava Mala, The Church of Saint Sava, Belgrade museums and galleries ...

Knez Mihailova pedestrian zone - favorite city promenade. Just walk end explore whole area from Republic Square to Kalemegdan. It is the epicenter of culture and history with restaurants, cafes, galleries, shops, bookstores, street musician, cultural centers...

Kalemegdan - Kalemegdan is Belgrade Fortress, consists of the old citadel and Kalemegdan Park, the confluence of the Sava river into the Danube, and makes one of the most beautiful natural lookouts in Belgrade.

Skadarlija - is the bohemian heart of Belgrade, like Parisian Montmartre quarter. The street begins right below the Republic Square and it is less than 400 meters long. It is remarkable Belgrade tourist attraction with well-known restaurants, art galleries, antique and souvenir shops... From late afternoon till early mornings groups playing Serbian brass or traditional urban music and actors dressed in traditional Serb costumes perform down the street.

Belgrade museums and galleries - The National Museum is located on the Republic Square ( collection of national and international art)… If you interesting in genuine Serbian culture, forgotten traditions and the incredibly rich mythology of the region visit Ethnographic Museum( located on the Students’ square) .... The Military Museum is located in the middle of Kalemegdan Park and Belgrade Fortress.... Nikola Tesla Museum is the only museum in the world which preserves the original and personal inheritance of Nikola Tesla..... Museum "The residence of Princess Ljubica" (explore interesting details about the private life of the ruling family, dressing habits of the wives of Serbian rulers) .

  • Republic Square with the statue of Prince Mihailo - the central town squares in Belgrade.
  • Knez Mihailova pedestrian zone lies in between Republic Square and Kalemegdan
  • Knez Mihailova and surrounding streets with cafes, restaurants, galleries, shops ..
  • Skadarlija - street performance
  • Skadarlija - restaurants and kafanas
  • Museum - The residence of Princess Ljubica
  • Kalemegdan Fortress — view from the Sava river
  • Ružica Church in the Kalemegdan park
  • Kalemegdan - King Gate
  • Church of Saint Sava.
  • Sava river and Old town port
  • Old town - view from the Sava river

Tourist accommodation in Belgrade Old Town around Republic Square

Belgrade  has  all kinds of accommodation to choose from luxury hotels, tourist apartments (vacation rentals) , hostels …  


They are classified by a system of one to five stars with five-star hotels being the maximum category. The category is determined by the size of the rooms, the facilities and services it offers, and the standard of comfort… In in Belgrade is Old Town around Republic Square you can find Hotels classified from three to five-star. The prices vary according to the category of the hotel and the season. 

Price range for 3 star Hotel is 50 – 60 Euro per night. ( Hotel Bohemian Garni, Hotel Garni Petrov, Hotel Belgrade Inn, Hotel Le Petit Piaf, Hotel Opera...)
Price range for 4 star Hotel is 70 – 140  Euro per night. ( Belgrade Art Hotel, Hotel City Savoy, Hotel Moskva, Courtyard by Marriott Belgrade, Hotel Evropa, Zepter Hotel, Boutique Hotel Townhouse 27, Envoy Hotel , Hotel Allure Caramel by Karisma...)
Price range for 5 star Hotel is around 250  Euro per night ( Square Nine Hotel Belgrade.. )

Tourist apartments (Vacation rentals)

You can rent tourist apartment for 2 nights or a number of months. They are equipped with a kitchen (linen, towels, dishes included).. You can select the frequency and type of "maid" service. Prices are per apartment (not per person) and up to 40% less than hotel rooms of an equivalent standard. The rent depends on how long you book and stay.

Price range for tourist apartment (eqvivakent 3 star hotel) is around 30 - 50  Euro per night (Domovina apartments )


This accommodation is economical, but usually one bathroom may be shared by several rooms. Prices are per person and range around 10 - 20  Euro per night

Here are 4 things you must check before you book accommodation in Belgrade

Don't forget to check the exact hotel location

Even if  hotel look great and  seemed to be in an ideal location, it may be surrounded by busy roads or has other unpleasant surprises  .. The easiest way to prevent this sort of problem is to see the site for yourself.  Belgrade is  covered by Google street view and  Bing's Bird's Eye view,  so  take a virtual tour around your accommodation place…  Type  the  street address  on Google Maps, and then explore around and see exactly what is look like …

Don't skip the review sites

Knowing as much as possible about your next accommodation is your best strategy. Do a bit of research, as there is always something you would never know without the help of folks who have already stayed at a property. These might include noise, lousy food, problematic  Wi-Fi, dated rooms and  …   You might find out a lot of good things as well...  great bike rides around the area or nice restaurants and shops …

Don't forget to check how to get to and from the Belgrade airport

I am not a huge fan of public transportation to and from the airport. Starting and ending a trip by hauling  bags through an unfamiliar public bus system can be unpleasant experience. Normal price for car transfer from airport to city center is max 20 euro or 30 euro for minivan. Take a look at "How to get from Belgrade Airport to the City Centre" for different option and cost or just email me I can help you with the transfer.

Don't fail to check parking availability and cost

If you will have your own car, check both availability and pricing for parking.  Driving and parking car in Belgrade city center is not an easy task. My suggestion if you coming by car in Belgrade is to find accommodation little out of city center, but close enough  to walk to city center. Good place is Slavija square. It is easy to get there because is close to hayway road and on other hand you can walk from Salvija to Belgrade pedestrian zone in 15 minutes. Parking on the streets in city center is cheap, but is limited to max  1 , 2 or 3 hours and can be paid with local mobile phone. Public garage cost around 0,7 euro per hour  or 16 euro per day   (if you need help email me)

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