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Events in Belgrade, Serbia


New Year in Belgrade

New Year in Belgrade is traditionally big celebrations. The Belgrade City organizes celebrations on the streets in the city center. The celebration attracts a huge number of people, both Belgrade natives as well as visitors to the capital.

Club-type New Year’s celebrations are organized in Belgrade clubs, cafes, boat clubs (splavovi) and restaurants in all parts of the city. Exclusive New Year’s parties will also take place at the bigger hotels, as well in increasingly popular location on the Danube Quay in Zemun. Advanced reservation is required for club-type New Year’s celebrations.  Average prices ranges from 30 to 60 euros. The price usually includes drinks and food.

On January 1st of each year there is the Open Heart Street located on Svetogorska Street - where, traditionally, , throughout the entire day, there are concerts, various artistic performances and humanitarian activities. 

Continued celebrations, on January 1st and 2nd is also very popular in Belgrade. Majority of clubs, restaurants and cafes will repeat celebrations with prices 20 % cheaper than the actual New Year’s event.


Serbian New Year - (Srpska Nova Godina) - celebration starting on evening January 13th

The city of Belgrade also celebrates the New Year according to a unique Orthodox Christian Gregorian calendar. January 14 on the Gregorian calendar corresponds to January 1, New Year's Day, on the Julian calendar.
Travelers in Serbia are likely to experience this strange, time-shifting sensation that makes the New Year two weeks late.  Club-type celebrations are very similar like first traditional New Year....


Easter in Belgrade

Easter is very good time to visit Belgrade. The average temperatures go from 14 to 22 C . Restaurants and cafes are openning outdoor terraces and Belgarde is becoming visibly vibrant... …





The Belgrade Marathon

The Belgrade Marathon is Serbia's biggest sports events usually take place in April. More on






Belgrade on Labour day - 1 st. and 2 nd. of May

Beginning of May is also great time to visit Belgarde. If you have the opportunity to spend this holiday in Belgrade, get ready to enjoy in grill specialties, pork and lamb roast, beer and rakija.The 1st of May is also about wide range of sports activities, a lot of people are going to Avala, Kosutnjak, Topcider or Ada Ciganlija. Belgrade nightlife is always vivid, all year, so as well as on Labour day.



Belgrade Boat Carnival - a great party on the river bank in the beginning of July

Belgrade boat fiesta is a unique carnival that celebrates the city's two rivers.







Belgrade Summer Festival BELEF - start at July and last until beginning of August

BELEF festival combines 4 large artistic fields: theatre, artistic dances, visual arts and music. It is consider the most important summer cultural happening in Belgrade.






Exit music festival - first half of July - lasts four days.

Exit takes place at the Petrovaradin Fortress, located on the right bank of the river Danube in Novi Sad. It is consider one of the Best European music festivals.






Belgrade Beer Fest - second half of August and last five nights

Beer Fest takes place at Usce Park, in New Belgrade.  Entrance free of charge, miscellaneous music program and wide range of foreign and domestic beer brands usually attracts over 500,000 people.





Guča Trumpet Festival - the largest trumpet event on the planet start at August and last 7 days

Trumpet Festival is the village of Gucha in the Dragacevo district and it is most famous Folk Festival in Serbia and in the region. It gathers 50 brass bands from Serbia and abroad.





Belgrade Music Festival – BEMUS – second half of October

The oldest and the most prominent music festival in Serbia and one of the most distinctive classical music festivals in the South-Eastern Europe.






Belgrade Jazz Festival - second half of October

It is most prominent jazz music festival in Serbia with tradition that last more than  twenty years.

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