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Belgrade Public Transport

Belgrade city public transport is a network of buses, trams, and trolleybuses run by public company  "GSP"

BUS PLUS ticket for the public transport

Tickets can be bought at kiosks marked with a ticket sales sticker BUS PLUS and many shops in the city.

This is unified ticket system that mean it aplay for buses, trams, and trolleybuses.  There is two  types of tickets:

    1. Personalized e-tickets, which will contain the name and the user’s photo. (this is sort of  prepaid monthly  pass issued for employees, school students ect ..)
    2. Depersonalized electronic tickets that will not be issued to passenger's name. It is electronic re-chargeble tickets costing 250 dinars. You can charge it without any  limitation and use in the period of three years.

Time ticket for period of 90 minutes.

Passengers with a plastic Depersonalized electronic tickets can use a time ticket which enables them to change vehicles of the public transportation for the unlimited number of times in a period of 90 minutes. Time ticket costs 89 dinars in the zones 1 and 2, that cover most of the city.

1, 3 or 5-day ticket

Passenger can also use a 1, 3 or 5-day ticket ( valid in the period of the daily traffic - not from 4:00 until midnight). 1 day ticket cost 250 dinars, 3 days ticket cost 700 dinar , and 5-days ticket cost 1000 dinar. (in the zones 1 and 2, that cover most of the city)

Tickets must be validate immediately upon entry into the vehicle, using  touch screen monitor machines installed in every vehicle, by each set of doors.

Picture on right side show plasic depersonalized BUS PLUS ticket and touch screen monitor validator.

During nighttime ... Tickets are more expensive for night services (00-04), buses run at 1-hour intervals from special stops at the Republic Square towards other parts of the city. The night fare is 150 - 200 dinars and you can only buy ticket in the bus.

Map of Belgrade city public transport

Tickets control

In Belgrade public transport the official controllers board the bus quite often and ask you to present your validated card. If you do not have valid card the fine is 2000 dinars.

Belgrade Taxi

Belgrade taxi service is cheap, and taxi can be hailed in the street. The price is calculated according to the distance travelled. Sometimes  dishonest taxi drivers  take advantage of tourists so my advice is use only an established taxi company. Taxi vehicle must have: (TAXI sign bearing the association's logo on the roof, valid pricelist placed to be visible to passenger, and iidentification card with driver's photo and address placed to be visible to passenger).

Taxi Price

service Tariff 1 Tariff 2 Tariff 3
Start 170 170 170
Price per km 70 85 130
waiting 1 hour 750 750 750

First tariff - (Mon to Sat 06:00 - 22:00)  a start-up fee is 170 dinars and the rate per kilometer is 70 dinars

Second tariff - (Mon to Sat 22:00-06:00, Sunday and public holidays) a start-up fee is 170 dinars and the rate per kilometer is 85 dinars

Third tariff - applies in areas outside the city of Belgrade - a start-up fee is 170 dinars and the rate per kilometer is 130 dinars.

It's good to know

  • The price includes transport of passenger's personal luggage, but Taxi usually charge extra for the big luggage. Fee is around 100 dinars.
  • Tips not required, but they are appreciated. (100 dinars is OK)
  • If you make stop during taxi ride it cost extra. (waiting fee for 1 hour is  750 dinars)

Here is a list of established Taxi companies:

Beogradski, 19801
Pink taksi, 19803
Alfa taksi, 19807
Žuti taksi, 19802
Lux taxi, 303-3123
Maksis taksi, 19804
Naksi taksi, 2157-668

Limo Transfer to or from Belgrade Airport

Limo Transfer from Belgrade Airport to city center cost 20 Euro (max 3-4 pasanger). If you book return transfer threre is discount and ROUND TRIP cost is 35 euro.

Limo Transfer from Belgrade to any destination

Belgrade to Novi Sad, 60 Euro
Belgrade to Zlatibor, 140 Euro
Belgrade to Kopaonik, 160 Euro

All destinations are possible....

Prices are quoted PER TRANSFER, and NOT per person! All prices are final and there are no additional or hidden costs

TO BOOK TRANSFER SEND EMAIL TO : vlado@domovina.com - // OR CALL - Te l: +381 65 44 88 123

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